Kiko Contouring Pencils

Although everyone is still neglecting their bronzers to stick with the strobing trend that has grown recently we seem to have noticed more brands coming out with new contouring products such as the Maybelline MasterSculpt we had reviewed earlier last week. Could this perhaps be the beauty industry trying to hint at their general opinion on strobing? Well, regardless of what’s ‘in’ at the moment, we just couldn’t resist picking up the Kiko contouring pencils from the new Rebel Romantic collection they’ve recently brought out. Chiseled cheekbones, here we come.IMG_20150817_172350

The bronzer and highlighter pencil come as a pair for £9.90 which we personally think is a great budget buy as it means each pencil is just under a fiver. The shade we picked up was 01 Light to Medium as the bronzer in this set looks more grey toned than the bronzer in the shade 02 which is a more warmer brown so we though it would be a better shade to contour with.The formulation of this is very creamy meaning it blends wonderfully on the skin, so it’s perfect for beginners especially because of the pencil shape meaning you have more control over where the color is placed. The highlighter however, holds a slightly different formulation as it feels slightly more drying and has to be blended quite quickly. It is a lovely pearlescent pink shade that does suit mainly lighter skin tones unlike the bronzer which suits a larger crowd. The highlighter also is quite matte and has no glitter particles in it making it a great option for everyday use. They both last very well on the skin so there really isn’t much need to re apply in the day, but that won’t stop us from carrying these around in our handbags as we love the packaging! The light pink tube that holds the product compliments the rose gold lid and base of the product wonderfully.


If you’re still someone who after reading this post  is refusing to pick up a bronzer in these summer months as you prefer to create cheekbones through highlights you might be interested in checking out our Top Drugstore Strobing Products which we’ll leave a link to. However if you, like us still love to contour you might want to go and pick these up! We would love to know how you get on with them and what you think of Kiko’s new collection. Anything else you think we need to pick up from there?

Love Curls & S x


5 thoughts on “Kiko Contouring Pencils

  1. Amazing! Definitely need to look into getting these! I still love to contour, unless i’m in a rush, when strobing makes life a lot easier! But cheekbones all the way! Thanks xx

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