Top Drugstore Strobing Products

So, if you haven’t already heard about it, strobing has become a major trend in the makeup/beauty world. Strobing is essentially just the use only highlighters and illuminating products to enhance your natural cheekbones as opposed to the harsh method of contouring which includes a bronzer that some may people may find difficult to use without creating a harsh dark line or looking muddy. We think strobing is a much easier, more subtle method to enhance your face shape though this can only be done with the right products so carry on reading to find out our favorites, which also happen to be found at the drugstore, great isn’t it?IMG_20150726_112308

The first two products we love for strobing are both from L’Oreal. These are the Lumi Magique highlighter pen and primer. The primer is great to give your whole face that healthy looking glow making you appear much more radiant. I prefer to concentrate this producct mainly on the tops of my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. The parts of my face I want to appear much more lifted. It still appears quite visible through foundation and gives a great, natural finish. It can also be added to your foundation for an extra glow which is another way we like to wear it. Another product we love from their range is their highlighting pen, This has to be one of our favorite liquid highlights as its so easy to apply, you just twist up the bottom and swipe it where you want it. We prefer to use this only on the tops of cheekbones. You only need a little to see the radiance it gives. It’s also quite small so it’s a beauty to keep in your purse to re-apply throughout the day.IMG_20150726_111958

The Rimmel Good To Glow highlighter is also a great product to use for highlighting and there are various different ways for you to use this. You could apply after foundation on the areas you want it, mix it into your foundation to add to the overall luminosity of your base or use it underneath your foundation for a very subtle glow. whatever way you choose this product always looks great. Howver with this particular highligh, you do have to be careful when applying over foundation as it can disturb your base. Our favorite highlighting product we recently picked up in a haul is the Makeup Revolution Baked highlighter in Peach Lights. This stuff is great! You only need the smallest amount and it highlights so well! You hardly need to touch up throughout the day as it lasts so well and it is also the most affordable product at only £3. IMG_20150726_112211

Lastly, we have decided to include a concealer. The Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, this adds radiance to your face and really does wake you up! This product does have a hint of shimmer through it so we would suggest to be careful when applying. It has medium coverage but illuminates nicely with only a little amount. But with strobing it is so easy to go overboard without realising it, so keep in mind when highlighting, sometimes less is more!IMG_20150726_112122

We hope you all picked up the basics of strobing and would love to know how you find it. Do you prefer it to contouring? Let us know in the comments, as well as your top products for a summer glow so we can give them a go!

Love Curls & S x


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