Significance of Stretching

Something we all do everyday without fail is stretch. Okay, so probably not enough to feel the greater benefits but enough to loosen the joints every morning after we get up.Stretching is so beneficial for your body, long term and short term even if you aren’t into exercise stretching is great to prevent injuries especially conditions that come with age. However, after a workout or run many of us do not cool down with a stretching routine. It doesn’t have to be long but it should involve all the  muscles you used during the workout and here we’ll tell you exactly why.IMG_20150808_185601
During a workout you get a large amount of lactic acid build up, this can often make the muscles feel quite sore and stiff so stretching will help get rid of this pain as stretching increases blood flow to the muscle. Stretching will also increase your range of motion and make it easier to perform everyday activities with minimal strain on your muscles. Many of us get extremely tired after a workout and often cannot be bothered to stretch but stretching will help you to cool down and relax your muscles and make you much looser after a workout and calm the mind. A decent stretch position should last for at least 10 seconds and you must make sure you do it evenly on both sides, a full cool down should be a minimum of five minutes for your heart to return to a steady rate.

There are many long term benefits of stretching. For example, many people suffer from back pain and arthritis in their elderly age, mos of these cases can be easily dodged by some light stretching or even yoga which will really help to calm the mind as well as help you live longer. Stretching helps to prevent injury as when you do it before a workout your muscles are loosened and ready for physical activity so you are less likely to feel any cramps. There are a variety of different stretches you can do to improve posture as well as many of us tend to slouch when we sit down so there are stretches that can counteract this. Something useful we would recommend to those who suffer with back pain is a foam roller which can assist in various stretches and is a great thing to have handy for runners. These are not too expensive and there are a variety of different movements you can perform with this, This also means, no excuses! It also helps to massage other places such as your thighs, spine and calf muscles. So if you have unbearable pain in those places, the foam roller will come in very handy.

We hope this post has taught you about stretching a but more and how important it is for those of you who don’t do it. Would you like to see a post dedicated to a stretching cool down example? Let us know in the comments, we would love to know how you find stretches!

Love Curls & S x


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