Tips To Start Your Fitness Journey

It may seem like a strange time of the year to write about starting out in fitness as this is something that you would tend to see popping up around the new year period. However, we received a comment on our CrossFit Workout we posted last week with someone asking for tips on to how to begin in fitness gradually so we thought we would dedicate a post to sharing how you can gradually move into becoming healthier and fitter even though bikini season may have already hit us.IMG_20150726_173703

The first pointer when beginning is to start off gradually as it isn’t fair to set yourself unrealistic goals of, for example going to the gym 5 times a week if you haven’t gone before. So what we would say is to start off with small routines before jumping to something big too fast that will make you less likely to commit. It would be best to go to the gym or train at home two to three times a week if you’re starting out. Also, if you are starting out at home it is best to try and follow a pattern as without a routine you are less likely to take it seriously and remember when to train.

Also, something not a lot of people do but it is really useful is writing down their schedule. This means that every planned workout you have is written in a book, this way you are aware of what you have been doing and what you need to do. If it is written down and you have an idea then you are more likely to do it rather than having to decide on the spot. A good thing to do would be using a diary or just a notebook and every Sunday plan what workouts you will do in the week.IMG_20150726_173442

If you are struggling with choosing a workout or you don’t know what to do, try and search for one of the many great videos and routines online! Some of our favorite are Blogilates and PopSugar Fitness which you can find on Youtube. Also great apps include the PopSugar Fitness app and the Nike Training app. The best thing about all of these fitness apps is that they are free so even if you don’t like it there’s no money wasted, also they have workouts for individuals at all levels so there is a variety of beginner, intermediate and expert routines to choose from and no equipment is required for most of them. To keep your workouts fun and interesting it is really important to change up which routine you do as boredom is really common in making people give up.IMG_20150726_173838

Home workouts are also becoming more and more popular now, we had one reader ask for good equipment for exercising at home and in all honesty we believe that you do not have to use equipment when starting. Last month we posted a CrossFit routine that does not use weights and relies entirely on body weight movements. Although if you feel as though you want equipment we recommend a skipping rope as a form of cardio for those who don’t enjoy running or have nowhere to run, an ab roller which is easy to take anywhere to work your core and a medicine ball. The reason we said a medicine ball and not weights is because a medicine ball can be used for more movements and finding the correct weight for this is easier than knowing the right weight for weights.IMG_20150726_170119

These are just a few little tips to get started, we hope they helped! We would love to know how you started your journey and how you continue to keep yourself motivated to do a workout. Did these tips help you? Let us know in the comments!

Love Curls & S x


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