Crossfit Workout of The Day

Generally, we both like to change our workout routines very regularly so it is very rare we do the same routine more than once a week due to the abundance there is to choose from. However at the moment there is one workout, that we both tried involving only two different body weight movements that was great! CrossFit routines our some of our favorites, but at the moment neither of us can successfully carry out enough consecutive pull ups to do the Jason so we have changed this routine to fit our capabilities. Carry on reading to find out what this workout involves…IMG_20150722_211947

So the two movements are squats and push ups meaning in this one workout you work your leg and arm muscles as well as the core making it a perfect full body routine! You start with 100 squats then 10 push ups in the first set. You then move on to 75 squats and 15 push ups, after this it is 50 squats and 20 push ups before finishing on 25 squats and 25 push ups. So overall you would have completed 250 squats and 70 push ups but because of the way it is spread it feels less overwhelming. This routine is for time so there is no limit on how long you take Curls’ has managed to, within two weeks decrease her time by 10 minutes and can now complete this routine in less than 20 minutes Straight has also moved down by 26 minutes after having taken 40 minutes the first time she had tried it a month or two ago. Obviously it can still always be improved and made better but only from commitment and dedicationIMG_20150722_211846.Whilst doing this routine it is also great to try and vary the type of push up and squats you do to challenge your body more, if you would like we can also do a post on different types of squats or push ups, just be sure to let us know in the comments if you would like to see it.

This is our take on one crossfit routine, what do you think? If you want you can also try the complete the CrossFit Jason which has been linked above or start off with this and work your way up! Remember, no one starts at the top, work your way up gradually. We would love to know how you found it and also try it again in a month or so, beating your own personal record is one of the most satisfying feelings, don’t you agree?

Love Curls & S x


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