How To Look Like A Mermaid 101

Okay, just a little message before you get halfway through the post and feel a bit disappointed. I can’t tell you how to get the tail or swim or look like a real mermaid. This is basically going to be a hair post about how to get those gorgeous beachy locks that mermaids have, you know, if they did exist.20150623_204506

Today we’re going to share with you two ways to get summer beach waves, one way if your hair naturally straight, and one way for curly hair so you’ll see one method from each of us! For straight hair it is much more straightforward, all you need is the umberto giannini styling cream which is first rubbed into the palms and then run through the midlengths and ends, you then leave your hair to finish air drying naturally and when it is mostly dried you spray the got2b sea spray on to the ends and scrunch it loosely with your hands to create the messy undone waves and you are done! If you are someone who also prefers extra volume at the roots, we both absolutely love the No Drought dry shampoo by lush it smells great and gives a bit of volume at the roots whilst absorbing excess grease, also from lush the Vanilla puff powder is great for absorbing excess oil at the roots whilst also giving volume.Tip: if you want it to stay for longer sleep with your hair in braids as this keeps the wave.IMG_20150720_163207

Now, onto the curly hair this method may feel slightly longer but I can assure you the results are worth it.a fter washing your hair, which is a very long process for me. If you would like to see what I use to wash curly hair let me know and I’ll do a post on it. But when you have finished washing it but it is still wet, start by using the herbal essences leave in conditioner and then work the umberto giannini scrunching jelly into your mid lengths and ends, but careful not to use too much as this can give your hair the dreaded crunch. At this point you can either choose to use a diffuser to dry your hair or let it air dry, I prefer to let it air dry if I have time, but it is up to you. When it is mostly dry I like to rub a bit of the big solid conditioner from lush nearer the ends as this just deters split ends and makes your hair soft. Now your hair has the right texture I like to do two dutch braids and sleep in it overnight, by the morning you can wake up with gorgeous locks instead of the lions mane I tend to wake up with. Thumbs up if you share my pain.20150623_205033 20150623_204353

We hope you enjoyed this post and love to know your natural hair type and if either of our routines work for you! Do you prefer curly or straight?

Love Curls & S x


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