Weight Loss Lies

Losing weight can feel like a very long and daunting process, and what can make it even worse is the misconceptions people hold about weight loss! There are a few mistakes a lot of people unknowingly make that stop them from reaching their goal, so today we decided to write a post to help you tackle the weight loss process and help you do it the right way.

Going Hungry Doesn’t Help

This is so important and something that a lot of people do, unaware of the consequences. Starvation will not help you lose weight as instead of losing it, your body will go into a ‘survival mode’. This means your body will try and retain all food you eat and store it as fat because your body will not be used to the sudden nutritional deficit. So when understanding what happens in your body when you go hungry,you now know why you wouldn’t want to do it as it has the complete opposite effect to that of which you want.IMG_20150716_190941

Diets Are Only Short Term

Diets are becoming more and more common with several different types out there. We’re not saying that diets do not help you lose weight, what we want to explain is that dieting will not help you keep off the weight long term. This is because your body will become so use to eating smaller portion sizes or a lot of a certain type of weight loss food that when you go back to a regular way of eating, you put on weight as your body is not used to consuming this increased amount of food. We suggest instead of opting for a diet, try to be healthy 5 days a week and slightly unhealthy for the remaining 2 days as this is easier to keep for some than a full healthy lifestyle.

Weights Are Important

So we won’t ramble too long on this point as we have also done a post quite recently on lifting weights and whether or not you should do it. Weights are a great way to not only burn fat but also tone muscle at the same time. If you are a female reading this post and are worried about bulking up, check out our post to find out why you will still keep a feminine shape.20150629_184306

Calorie Counting Isn’t Enough

Although a lot of people do calorie count and do aim for 1300-1500 calories a day, which is what is recommended to lose weight, something people tend not to think about is where these calories come from. For example it is absolutely fine if you have consumed 1400 calories that day, but are you aware of the amount of sugar or trans-fats you have had? We’re not saying you shouldn’t calorie count, but just be aware of the ingredients and how much sugars and saturates are in your meal.

Eating Breakfast Is Vital

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fact. Although other meals are also important, breakfast is the first thing you eat so it boosts your metabolism for the day and gives you the energy to get through the morning. Without it your metabolism does slow down meaning the rate at which you burn calories is slower than it would be if you did eat breakfast. You should aim to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up and a cold glass of water in the first half hour is great to spike up your metabolism.IMG_20150713_075155

These are just the five most common points that can stop you from reaching a goal weight, we hope you’ve learnt something from reading this post and try to implement some of these changes into your daily lifestyle. Are you guilty of any of these? Also do not feel as though you need to lose weight to please others, the only opinion you should have in mind is your own. We would love to know how you feel about this topic in the comments!

Love Curls & S


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Lies

  1. I’m guilty of 2. Not eating breakfast and starving myself. I dont starve intentionally sometimes the day goes by so fast and I notice I’m starving it’s an hour to dinner so I just tell myself ok what’s the point of eating now when I’m gonna a eat more in an hr. So then I just wait….I gotta do better

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