3 Lazy Girl Nail Ideas

Not all of us love painting our nails, its long, boring, tedious and sometimes messy right? But sometimes when one colour isn’t enough there are a few small tricks to up your nail game.

Sellotape. Sellotape is such a simple yet amazing concept as you can do so much with it! Stick it in any position you prefer! However, this can turn out amazing but it can also end up disastrous, if your base nail polish is too wet then when you peel the sellotape off your nail polish will also come off. Also you have to make sure you press it down hard enough so you dont get any leaks, you want a nice crisp line. This design works with any colours and never gets old! You could also experiment with a mixture of mattes and glossy polishes for a distinct design.20150614_113139

Glitter, it can be a girls best friend or your worst nightmare. Thee are so many different designs you can do with glitter just be imaginative. One of my favourite and easiest designs to do. One of my favorite is painting all your nails a simple color and then dipping your index finger into glitter. It looks as if you spent ages on it but really it took you five seconds. Once all the glitter is on make sure you seal it on with a top coat to prevent the glitter from falling off. You can also be imaginative and combine this idea with the one prior to make unique, glittery designs! Though this can sometimes be very tricky so we would only recommend this if you are experienced at doing your nails.20150614_114432

Lastly, probably the most simple and easiest idea is just to use a crackle nail polish. Paint all your nails one colour and choose a nice crackle colour and paint in onto whatever finger you like. A crackle nail polish is fool proof and one that generally tends to go perfect every time. One of our favorite crackle colors to use is the OPI one in gold shatter, its a gorgeous gold that doesn’t need to be applied to all nails and can just be put on the index finger for a more sophisticated look.20150614_114737

We hope this post inspired you guys to be more adventurous within your nail designs. Let us know which ones you like and are going to try out, also if you would like to see specific tutorial on any of the designs. We would love to know what looks you came up with, so be sure to let us know!

Love Curls & S


8 thoughts on “3 Lazy Girl Nail Ideas

  1. I’d love if you did a tutorial on the sellotape design! I tried it before but it peeled off the polish (it must’ve been still sticky or something😂) I just posted a nail care routine and would love if you checked it out!x

  2. I was going to ask if you were going to do a tutorial on the nail sellotape but seems like it’s gong to happen. Can’t wait for that. Loved this post!

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