How To Cope Training In The Summer Heat

It’s finally Summer! This means longer days, more tanning, walks through the park amongst so many other great things, but there’s one frustrating part that comes with the hotter weather. That is the struggle to finish a workout without drowning in your own sweat. In this post we will share with you our top tips to ensure you continue to exercise without feeling the added strain from the weather.


Stay Hydrated

Ok, so this is probably our most simple and straightforward tip to make sure you continue training in the sun. It is so important to keep yourself hydrated because of the increased of amount of bodily fluids lost through sweat. However it also still really important to make sure that you don’t drink too much water during your workouts as this will create that horrible feeling in your stomach, which will prevent you from carrying on.

Watch The Clock 

As the days in summer tend to be really hot it is so important to give yourself a time within the day that is cooler to exercise. This means you can still continue to the best of your ability and don’t have to worry about becoming too tired or dizzy from the heat. The best time of day for exercise would be the early morning or later in the evening, depending on which you prefer. Our favorite time to train is the morning as it’s one of the best ways to start the day! 20150629_184407

Tone It Down A Bit 

Ok,so burpees probably aren’t the easiest thing to do when it’s nearly 30 degrees outside. So don’t. If you’re finding it too hard it is better not to do it rather than hurt yourself from dizziness or faint from an overwhelming heat. This doesn’t mean you can’t work yourself to the best of your ability, as you still can, just use a variety of other moves that still work the same muscle groups but in a different way of you would like to know some of our variations for particular movements just let us know!

Take It Inside 

Sometimes being in the heat can do you more harm than good. The sun could burn your skin and damage your skin resulting in many problems. When the suns rays are at quite a high intensity it might be better to take your workout to the cool shade. We all like a good tan just make sure not to overdo and make sure to wear SPF if you do choose to stay outside. Also, if it is the outdoor scenery you like, try and stay in the shade so you still enjoy a nice run without feeling overly hot.


Hiit it

Hiit stands for High Intensity Interval Training this is a great form of training as it is a sequence of high intensity moves followed by low intensity in a repeated pattern. It is great for people who don’t  have a lot of time or even just for people who want to shorten their workouts in the heat to make it more manageable. Hiit means you won’t be missing out on what you do in a normal workout as you are spending your time in the best way to maximise a workout. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy hiit workouts, don’t worry! Super sets are also really good at making the most out of the small time period you may have.
These were or tips to help stay cool in the summer sun, do you have any? We would love to know your summer routines and if any of our tips helped you, as it is so important that you don’t give up, think about the journey you can make if you stay on this path until next year, just a little thought of the day!

Love Curls & S x


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