Dare To Go Bare

When a brand releases new products my twin sister and I probably get just a little bit too excited. When we found out about the new Rimmel Nudes our reaction was even worse! As nude tones are probably our most favorite due to the simplicity and easy wear of them this was one release we were counting down the days for. We purchased two pieces from the line to tell you about, including one nail polish and one lipstick, around a week ago so we’ve had plenty of time to test them out and let you know what we think.


The lipstick, if you’ve read our earlier post from last week, we already mentioned just how much we adore the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. So to find out there were new shades, we were thrilled! This has a really nice finish and is quite a subtle lip color but can be built up to a nice opaque finish. The shade we picked up is 45 this is a really nice pink toned nude that feels lovely on the lips. The lasting finish lipsticks have a very moisturizing formulation and offer a few hours worth of wear before it needs to be reapplied. There are four other shades including 3 other nudes tones two deeper brown toned and and another warmer pink. There is also a deeper pink leaning towards brown tone that we think is gorgeous! The packaging of all of these lip colors are really nice as instead of the general black and red writing they have gone for a light beige color with white writing on it which make it stand out that much more and is nice and bright for summer.20150708_195320~2 20150708_195422~2

The nail polish, this is probably our favorite out of the two as the colors are beautiful they are all simple colors that aren’t too bright making them perfect for every day wear. There are 4 shades to choose from, our favorite had to be the light brown color which is a perfect nude and will compliment most skin tones the shade is called 128 Mystify Me. Curls’ has been wearing this color since Saturday and currently writing this post on Wednesday and can say it went around 5 days without chipping however on the sixth day there was slight chipping. But as this was without a topcoat I think the wear and finish of this nail polish is great as it gives a glossy finish. The applicator of the nail polishes makes it so easy to apply even layers, we may have to get the other colors just because of it! It also dries really quickly meaning you do not have to waste a lot of time waiting around and only two coats are needed to provide an opaque finish. This color in particular is definitely an all year round staple in our collection, I think next on our list is the burgundy shade called Sensual Spice which you may see in a haul soon. The other two colors include a light cream which is probably the hardest color to wear as it will suit less skin tones because of how light it is and the last shade is a warm caramel shade that makes really nice nude nail to suit any look you may choose to go for.20150708_195108~2

These were our opinions on the new nude collection. Gosh how many times have we used the word nude in today’s post?Probably a lot. We would love to know if you’ve tried any of the products from their new releases, is there any in particular that are already on your shopping list?

Love Curls & S x


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