My Lips, But Better

There are so many lip colors out there that it is so hard to choose which one to go for on a daily basis. As we all know there is no such color as pink it’s either fuschia, magenta, rose or maybe even something else the color list is endless! So in this post we have decided to only mention our favorite nude colors that look like your natural lips. Just better.20150703_211319

The Blush Nude

This is the Maybelline color elixir in 705 Blush Essence. it has lovely pigmentation for a gloss and lasts a few hours before it needs to be reapplied. This is a slightly more pinky nude which makes it perfect for summer! The doe foot wand applicator ensures the product goes on easily and means you can apply nice and quick on the go. This is such an easy color to wear as it is very low maintenance so you do not need to worry about it staining your teeth or wearing away awkwardly at the center of your lips.


The Shimmery Nude

Topshop are so well known for the amazing beauty line and the Topshop lip paints do not let the line down. This is such a gorgeous slightly coral toned color that will suit a lot of skin tones. It also has a very slight shimmer in it, nut nothing too over the top, we feel it is just the perfect lip color to compliment and everyday makeup look as it is very long lasting. This lip paint also has a doe foot applicator but is more pigmented than the gloss with a slightly thicker texture meaning that it is more noticable on the lips for days where you want your makeup to be a bit heavier.


The Classic Nude

As the first two have been more of a gloss than a lipstick we thought we should include at least one lipstick in our line up. Our favorite nude lipstick is the Kate Moss lipstick in 03. The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are one of our favorite drugstore lipstick ranges they do not lack pigmentation and the formulation of these lipsticks means that they are really comfortable and do not make the lips feel sticky or dry whatsoever. This is such a gorgeous nude that is very wearable and one we would definitely recommend to wear with a bold eye as bold eyes and subtle lips are probably our favorite makeup look!.


The Kylie Jenner Nude

Yes we are still obsessed with Kylie Jenners lip color please don’t judge us. The Gosh lipliner is one we have never seen talked about as a Kylie Jenner nude but we certainly think it is! This is in the shade 001 Nougat Crisp, as it is a lip liner they tend to be more drying but the Gosh one, although matte, is very comfortable and not drying at all. It looks stunning on the lips and is probably the most long lasting that we have mentioned today. However, when discussing this shade with friends who also have this, it does tend to look slightly more pinky on their darker skin tones which isn’t a bad thing but depending on the look that you’re going for you may not prefer this finish. The Gosh lipliner is Curls’ favorite at the moment and loos the best when paired with the Rimmel lipstick, especially on those days that you do not feel like wearing too much make up.20150703_212628

These were our favorite nudes, what are yours? Do you also like some of the ones that we mentioned today, we would love to know what you think! Also, thank you so much to the lovely simplyfearfully for tagging us in the MLBB tag! She has a fabulous page worth checking out where she also mentions her favorite lip colors. We have chosen to tag allthingslovely13 and beautybodyandmore. Also anyone else who would like to write a post on this tag feel free! We would love to check it out.

Love Curls & S x


13 thoughts on “My Lips, But Better

  1. Such beautiful shades! I especially love the Kate Moss lipstick! So pretty! I just found your blog and I love it! I can see how much work goes into it and it’s so cute! I look forward to reading more! ❤

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