Lush Empties

As you all probably know by now, we love Lush. It is one of our most favorite shops as everything in there just smells amazing and is cruelty free! Recently we have just finished quite a few Lush products all at the same time. Here are a few recent empties including shampoos, cleansers and the perfect summer shower gel, keep on reading to find out what they are.20150606_161923

Lets start with the pots. You may or may not be aware but in Lush if you return 5 of their pots you get a free fresh face mask! We love this concept as it’s a way of recycling and reusing, another excuse for all our Lush shopping trips. The fresh face mask Love Lettuce, is one received free from a previous visit and one we quite enjoyed using, it’s very gently exfoliating and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Something we’re quite sad to see the end of is Ultrabland, one of the best makeup removers. The best way to use it is massage it into your skin and remove with a damp pad, it gets rid of the makeup and lasts quite a while, it also doesn’t aggravate acne. S has quite oily skin in summer so would be less likely to use it as it can feel sweaty and greasy, however for winter it is very moisturizing and definitely a re-purchase come the colder months. The last skincare product that has recently run out is Angels on Bare Skin, one of their most popular facial cleansers, you just grab a bit from the pot and mix it in with water to make a smooth milk, and massage this on your face. It leaves a clean and refreshed feeling, we prefer to use this product in the evening as you can take your time to gently massage it in and feel the exfoliating seeds in it remove all traces of makeup for the next day. The last pot empty is a shampoo, Big. As S keeps her hair straight this isn’t one that had particularly stood out to her but Curls’s loves it! It lathers really well giving a very thorough cleanse but doesn’t strip the hair. It also has a very unique texture with large salt particles in it which is great for the summer waves if you’re looking for texture.


Lastly, two bottled products, Happy Hippy and Cynthia Sylvia Stout. The scent of both of these products is fabulous!  Happy Hippy is a very uplifting fragrance which is perfect for summer and is also fairly cheap, definitely on our Lush shopping list again. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is a beer shampoo that has a very heavy beer fragrance, if you don’t like the smell of beer you will hate this. It’s a nice simple shampoo that cleanses the scalp nicely whilst also adding shine, but probably not a repurchase as we have quite a few others that need to be finished first. (But that probably won’t stop us!)


These were our Lush empties, is there anything from Lush you’re using that we should try? We would love to know any of your Lush recommendations. Leave all your comments below and let us know what you would like to see next! Have a great day!

Love Curls & S x


6 thoughts on “Lush Empties

  1. I found out that you get a mask free if you bring back 5 empties the other day and now i’m determined to keep the empties but I always seem to lose them or throw them out by accident!

    I got Love Lettuce and I also love how it exfoliated and it made my skin feel sooooo fresh!

    Great post 🙂

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