To Lift Or Not To Lift?

Weights, one of the most controversial aspects of training. Should you use them? Will it stunt your growth? Will they make you look to bulky? The female perspective on weight lifting is very blurry, so in today’s post we aim to address some of the most common questions and help you achieve a clearer understanding of weight training!


So, as you are able to tell from last weeks workout post, we both lift. Yes, we are girls but whoever said that girls shouldn’t lift was not fully aware of the benefits as not only does strength training burn more calories, meaning you are able to reach your weight loss goals quicker, it also helps tone your body so you are not left with what is referred to as ‘skinny fat’ from only doing cardio. Common misconceptions of females who lift include the understanding that you will look masculine and build more muscle than preferred. However this is very unlikely as the only way a female will lose a feminine shape is if she has a hormonal imbalance with higher testosterone levels (which is extremely unlikely) or if she takes any hormone pills, then she will bulk up. Our favorite thing about weight training is the after burn, as after a general cardio session people tend to return to their general metabolism quicker due to homeostasis. But following a weight training session where you have worked your muscles harder the post workout metabolic burn takes longer to return to normal due to a higher boost of metabolism so you are also making more of your time in the gym. Weight training also compliments any cardio session as building your muscles will in turn increase your cardiovascular endurance. If your main aims are weight loss the preferred routine would be a strength training session followed by cardio. This is because strength training will use your daily supply of glycogen stores from your pre workout meal so when staring cardio you burn more stored fat.20150629_184407

But Don’t Forget!

Okay, so just because we love the benefits you can reap from lifting weights that does not mean on your next visit to the gym you go straight to the cable machines and choose the heaviest weights. Build up gradually, be careful not to injure yourself with weights by doing good stretches and using correct form also only lift as much as you feel comfortable with. It is still a good idea to fit some form of cardio into your routine but just decrease the time of which you spend doing so in order to fit in a strength training session. It is also a good idea to be aware of your own needs and whether you feel you can do particular movements with weights as although you may be able to squat with 50kg you may not necessarily use a 50 kg barbell for bicep curls. Try and stick within the same range for all muscle groups and build each part of your body in proportion, so don’t focus too much on just your arms or just your legs it is best to work on overall muscle development,

So, if you are a woman who held the belief of not using weights, we really hope this post changed your mind or even if you know someone who doesn’t lift, share this post with them! Don’t let anyone else put you down because of how much you lift, do it for yourself. But remember to start gradually and work your way up. Progress is a process.

Love Curls & S x


4 thoughts on “To Lift Or Not To Lift?

  1. A brilliant post with some really sensible points. More women need to start hitting the weights section. The fear of becoming bulky needs to go away. What most do not realize is that getting bulky or “Muscular” needs huge amounts of training and dedication apart from some anabolic steroids since women naturally do not produce high enough levels of testosterone to gain muscle like men do ! There are some huge benefits apart from losing fat and getting in shape, like improvement in bone density etc which are really great since a lot more women suffer from osteoporosis than men.

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  3. I completely agree with everything that you guys said in this post. I love lifting weights, and feeling strong. It’s very empowering, especially when you suddenly discover that you are now able to do something that you previously thought was impossible or too hard.

    I always try to encourage my female friends to lift weights as well, but most of them are convinced that if they start lifting, they’ll end up looking bulky and masculine. There are some that are at least willing to try, but I find that they’re still too scared of bulking up that they end up picking really light weights (like 1-2 lb dumbbells), which won’t really do anything…

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