Best of BB Creams

As it is now coming to the time of year when most foundations can begin to look to heavy on the skin and feel like too much to wear on a summers day we though it would be perfect to share our favourite BB creams.These are lightweight creams that also offer a lovely coverage on the skin without feeling too heavy, but as there are so many out there to choose from we thought we would help you narrow it down by picking out our top 5! 20150623_175306

To begin with, not all BB creams are equal, as they all have different formulations for different purposes so something you like may not be on our list or one of our favourites but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good it just means it isn’t suitable for either of our skin types. Also Curls has an oily skin type whereas S is more combination so these top 5 satisfy both needs. The first one we wanted to share with you today is the Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream this is Curls choice for oily skin which is great for summer as it has an SPF 15. The coverage is a light medium but can be built up, the shade I own is light which is slightly too light but can be blended in nicely to give a natural finish though I must add that it does tend to oxidise slightly and go darker throughout the day which may annoy some people but I’ve found it doesn’t make too much difference.20150623_202251Next is the L’oreal Nude Magique BB cream which we think is really quite cool! It comes out as a creamy white formula with small dark beads in it but after being rubbed into your skin it  will color match with it to give you an almost perfect colour. It is very light on the skin and provides a light to medium coverage which is also buildable. The only slightly negative point I have about this is that a lot of the product stays on your hands when you rub it in which can be annoying. Overall this product is the best for the relaxed days when not much is going on.

Third in our top 5 is the Garnier pure active BB cream which is a very controversial one, it is Curls pick but has been very hit and miss as when S had used it the finish was not a preferred one as it tends to cling to dry patches but for oily skin it has a really nice finish! The coverage is wonderful but the application is sometimes time consuming but definitely worth it!
20150623_202411Now, our top two and just missing the top spot is the Maybelline BB Bronze. This is one that both of us enjoy using our favourite way to apply it is with a real techniques sculpting brush where you would tend to naturally bronze your face, we absolutely adore the bronzey glowing finish and this is most definitely one that will be staying in our make up bag all summer round! This is probably joint first but only classed as second because we feel that it isn’t a typical BB cream and thought you guys should see the best base as opposed to a bronzer that is marketed as a BB cream. So this means we are now at first place which is the…Rimmel Radiance BB Cream! The Rimmel Radiance BB Cream is amazing, it’s quite a thick formula and provides a pretty good coverage. I like to blend this product in with a brush so that it stays for longer. This product gives a youthful glow which I love in summer as opposed to a matte finish, though a powder is still used to set this product, however if you will only be wearing it for a short time you don’t really need to set it. Overall, this product is a go-to for summer as it also has an SPF of 20.

These are our top 5, what are in yours? Did you spot anything that you agree or disagree on? If so we would love to know what they are and also what other blog posts you would like to see, as this was requested by a dear follower on our instagram which we will link below if you would like to follow us on there. Have a lovely weekend guys!

Love Curls & S x

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6 thoughts on “Best of BB Creams

  1. This post was really helpful! I asked on one of my posts(summer Wishlist)who knew of any good BBB creams I could try. Deffinately going to get the Rimmel radiance now because I was gonna get the loreal nude magique one! Thankyou! X

  2. I swear by Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream because it has salicylic acid in it and helps keep my combination skin clear. Since I tend to break out from long wear of foundation and whatnot, this stuff has been a dream cure. I just ordered a skin clearing primer and skin clearing foundation from e.l.f (my fave brand, hands down), so we will see how those work out!

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