Would You Like Fries With That?

Fried foods are probably the worst out there. The amount of saturates in one average take away meal is almost overwhelming adding this to the fact that the average person consumes a serving size larger than necessary fried food are at the top of our naughty list. Chips especially are one food of which most people tend to over consume, so to counteract this we thought we would share with you our healthier version of fries, carry on reading to find out what it is!20150613_172622

Excluding seasoning, all you need for this is some sweet potatoes which are quite cheap, making it a great thrifty side to any meal. To make these into fries they are chopped and can either be chopped into slices or strands of which resemble chips this based entirely on your preference. We tend to do thin strands as this makes them cook nicer with a crispy surface. They are all then placed into a bowl with a Tbsp of oil and some salt and pepper to taste, other spices such as cayenne and garlic can also be added. You then spread them onto a baking tray and leave them to cook in the oven on a heat of 180C for twenty minutes or just until the chips start to brown. Once they are made you can serve them as a side to compliment most meals or a small handful can be enjoyed as a little afternoon snack. We especially love to enjoy these with our yummy kale burgers, a post will be coming up about how we made these very soon.

We would love to know how you guys got on with making those and what your thoughts are on sweet potato fries. Do you prefer them to potato chips?

Love Curls & S x


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