Upper Body Burner

Fitness drives our days. The rush and exhilaration after a workout is probably one of the, if not the best, feelings ever. Once you have been exercising and working on your general physique for a while we feel it is important to then begin to do workouts on particular days that target specific muscle groups. The one we decided to share with you today is an arm routine. But just to give you a little warning now, you may struggle doing your hair tomorrow morning.20150612_1833062.jpg

For this workout you will need to use weights for some movements, if you are someone who does not have access to weights then do not worry and do not think that you now have to go out and buy weights. If you do own weights lift as much as you feel comfortable with, as we both are not aiming to build muscle mass the weights we lift are not too heavy so at the moment it is around 12kg barbells. We are planning future posts on routines based purely on body weight, so look out for that. There is also a previous crossfit routine we shared a week ago that requires no weights.

Now lets get down to it. There are 6 different movements each weighted movement is carried out for 15 reps but each movement without weights is done for 20 but 5 sets are done altogether. You can of course change the number of sets depending on your ability.

  • The first movement is push ups this builds your deltoids, triceps as well as your core, 20 reps are carried out on each round.
  • Then you move onto a weighted exercise which is the shoulder press (our leastfavourite) you should aim to do the 15 reps without dropping the weight.
  • After this we move onto another weighted movement which is the shoulder raise where both weights are lifted out in front of you to become parallel to the floor and no higher. Make sure to lower them slowly as this increase muscle tension and engages your muscles more, making you work harder.
  • After this we then incorporate a specific compound movement that also activates the quadriceps and glutes, it is a weighted squat where the weight is kept above you and your elbows are near enough straight. If you are unable to keep your arms straight then lower the weights, but don’t feel ashamed if you have to do so. We also use less weights for this specific movement.
  • The next movement you move on to is a bicep curl, which is probably our favourite to make it more challenging for yourself, try and take the bar down slowly. The slower you go down the better as going to fast means you are just using momentum which is not as effective.20150608_164357

Finally, the last movement (don’t worry you’re nearly there!) is tricep dips.Try to go down as low as possible without sitting on the floor this can be done anywhere using any higher surface such as a chair or even the stairs.

And you’re done! Wasn’t that easy? I hope you enjoyed that routine. If there are any other specific routines you would like us to do a post on, please let us know and if you are unfamiliar with the use of weights we would not suggest using them. We will do a blog post soon on using weights safely so it might be a good idea to have a read of that before you try this out. But with anything you do make sure you love it, because if not, what’s the point?

Love Curls & S x


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