The Full Body Conditioning Move

Good morning guys, it’s the start of another day, another morning and another training routine! So we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you guys one full body conditioning movement that we love doing to boost our metabolism throughout the day and just get our blood pumpig to have enough energy to get through a day.20150608_163700

This move uses a barbell and as many weights as you feel capable of lifting, remember its not about how much you can lift it’s about your consistency, determination and dedication. If you can lift more, go for it if not don’t worry, you’ll get there.

From the beginning position you first lift the barbell up to around your waist height so you are not using any strength to lift it higher than your hands naturally fall. You then flick your wrists into a bicep curl and bring the weight towards your chest leaving your palms facing outwards. It is really important not to use momentum or arch your back to much here. From this position you execute an overhead shoulder press before bringing it back into the position of a bicep curl. Now to work your legs, keep your arms where they are and bend your knees into a squat to become at least parallel with the ground and then rise back into a standing position. Lastly, to complete the movement bend your knees as much as necessary so the weights of the barbell are in contact with the ground but make sure to not bend your arms as these should be left vertical. This is the movement that should be aimed to be executed in one fluent move, but practice will make perfect. When we incorporate this move into a routine we tend to do 3 sets of 10 however if this is the only move you plan to do then a larger number of sets are probably better.

This moves works your main muscle groups and is quite high intensity so it may be best to build up to it. We would love to know how you got on with it and how many sets you managed to do. Enjoy your workout and have fun with whatever you do today.

Love Curls & S x



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