Current Favorite Workout

As you all know fitness is something very important to us and generally our overall health and well-being, so we thought we would share with you a simple workout you can do at home. So no excuses!20150606_082924-e1433575968110.jpg

This workout is the ‘10,9,8 ‘ it consists of burpees, push ups and sit-ups, in that order. It is such a fun workout as it really pushes my sister and I to work harder because we are extremely competitive to see who finishes it first. So share this with a partner and get moving!

You start doing 10 push up burpees. So jump up then in a fluent movement move to a push up position, complete one and jump up again. You then do 10 push ups which can be any type of grip, narrow wide or diamond push ups but we suggest changing each time so you work all the different muscles in your arm. Lastly, to finish a set you do 10 sit ups which can be varied each time from crunches to scissor kicks etc. If you would like a post on variations of sit ups and push ups let us know and we’ll get straight on it. It is better to vary as some may strain certain parts of your body, for example a friend of our has now hurt their back so we’ve recieved great insight into workouts that allow you to train without hurting your back if you’d like to see that. So once you do 10 of each movement you then repeat it and and 9 of each then 8 of each until you reach one. Easy right? It is all about pushing yourself to go faster but keep form.


We hope you guys have fun trying this workout it’s a great quick one that works your whole body including cardio and body weight strength. We would love to know how you guys get on with it so let us know and if you would like more of our workouts! Have a good day.

Love Curls & S x


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