Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet that belongs to my twin sister and I, one of us with curly hair and the other with straight. Hence the name. We’ve chosen to start a blog expressing our views on all thing fitness, health and beauty related, in the hope that someone out there is interested, haha and just to connect with more people out there who also have similar interests. It is also just used as a little hobby alongside school and a way to vent out our feelings to the wider world.  Our blog will be updated as often as we can, we would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have regarding our site, any questions you may have or if you just feel like sending a friendly email can be sent to  our e-mail: thecurlyandthestraight@gmail.com.

Social Media:

Twitter:  @_thecurly

Pinterest: @curlynstraight

Instagram: @Thecurlyandthestraight


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