Blogmas Day 4; My Favourite Christsmas Activities 

So during the festive season there’s tons of festive things to partake in which I absolutely adore doing,aside from Blogmas obviously probably my most favourite thing to. These are a few of my favourite things…

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Blogmas Day 3; Handling the Festive Stress

When you’re much younger you don’t really comprehend the significance of stress during the Christmas period As you grow up and have more responsibilities like more people to buy Christmas presents for and all the rest of it and you finally begin to understand why so many people get stressed around this time of year.


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Blogmas Day 2; Christmas Tradition

As the days go by it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and the excitement is rising. In this extremely festive period what traditions do you have, what do you absolutely love taking part in and could not have Christmas without?


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Perfect Halloween Dinners

So when you think Halloween/Autumn what two veggies immediately come to mind? Butternut squash and pumpkins? Yes me too!! Which is why I decided to incorporate each into a yummy dinner. 

So butternut squash, I thought to myself what would this be really nice in and it hit me. Such a gorgeous, warm and robust flavour would be ideal in a soup and butternut squash soup is absolutely delicious and fairly straightforward to make. 


  • Butternut squash 
  • Carrots 
  • One onion
  • Seasoning
  • Stock cube
  • Oil 
  • Plain Yoghurt
  • Boiling water

Start by preparing the butternut squash, this was quite a difficult task and even with three people in the kitchen it required a vast amount of elbow grease. It’s quite a big and dense vegetable with quite a thick skin which was hard to peel. Honestly wonder how they make oak so easy on tv. It was worth it though. Once prepared fry an onion with a chopped chilli and prepare the carrots by peeling and cutting into small pieces. Throw both veggies into the pan and season with whatever spices you prefer, we used thyme and rosemary. Boil the kettle and add the water until all veg is drowned and add two vegetable stock cubes. Let boil until all veg is soft and simply purée with a hand blender. It really is that the easy, when playing up garnish with some fresh rosemary or simply drizzle with a bit of yoghurt. 

Pumpkin. Now when placed in front of a pumpkin it really is quite confusing to use it wih in cooking due to the shape. Since we were planning to carve some pumpkins we thought we might as well try and use what we can of it in a small dish. When using a pumpkin in cooking it is usually easier to cut entirely in half to remove the inside as you could get more out this way but we still did well. Anyway we decided on a pumpkin risotto. It sounds quite fancy but I’m surprised at how easy the dish actually was. 


  • Pumpkin 
  • Arborio rice
  • One onion
  • Stock cube
  • Ginger
  • Seasoning 
  • Butter 

Begin with the pumpkin, the part you want is the slightly harder bit surrounding the edge of the pumpkin, microwave for five minutes to soften. Pumpkin has quite a strong flavour so don’t worry if you don’t manage to get a lot out. Fry an onion in a table spoon of butter and add some seasoning in a big saucepan. Boil the kettle and add equal amount of water to rice it worked fine for us but for a saucy risotto simply add a bit extra water. Add the rice to the melted butter and coat before adding the water and pumpkin pieces. We added parsley and rosemary for flavour as well as a chopped chilli and vegetable stock cube. Then simply but the gas on a medium heat and allow to cook for around 20 minutes depending on how much rice you added. Mix every so often so all the ingredients are well incorporated. Then serve it really is that easy and you can add anything to a risotto! Mushroom risotto is another favourite. Most risottos usually have cheese in the dish but we left this ingredient out as it makes it more of a heavy and filling dish but if you do want to add a some cheese add befor serving and allow to melt into the dish.

Let us know how your halloweekend went! What did you get up to and make. I know I’ll be watching many scary film on the sofa with soup, risotto and sweets. My perfect Halloween night in! 

Love Curls and S x

Happy Halloween!

Halloweeny Stuffed Peppers

Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about ‘halloweeny stuffed peppers’ but after reading the Tesco magazine recently I received vast amounts of inspo in terms of cooking, something which caught my eye especially in the coming up to Halloween these looked perfect!

I’m not too keen on peppers (yes, I know I have no idea why I chose to make stuffed peppers) but I thought I’d try something different and it didn’t look too hard so why not?


  • Peppers
  • Couscous
  • Cheese
  • Seasoning

Best thing is there’s hardly any ingredients and it takes hardly any time to make. Start off by preheating the oven too 200 degrees. Then rinse the peppers and cut the tops off. You can save them for when you plate up as a bit of decoration but we just discarded them. Make sure all the seeds are gone, then to make them ‘halloweeny’ and resemble a pumpkin cut out three small triangles, two for the eyes then an upside down one for the nose. Put in the microwave for five minutes this helps them to soften.

Whilst in  the microwave prepare the couscous, we used one which already had vegetables in it so just follow the instructions on the packet putting the contents into boiling water for around 10 minutes. Alternatively if you’re using the plain couscous make as normal and mix in whatever seasoning you like. Stuff the couscous into the peppers and bake at 200 degrees for around 20 – 30 mins. Around halfway through baking sprinkle the top of the pepper with some grated cheese.

We served ours with some roast potatoes and it was delicious. Honestly the cutest and easiest Halloween treats you could possibly make! Oh and don’t worry the couscous does not fall out of the small triangles, let me know what you decide to make on Halloween! what have you got planned, a party, trick or treating? Remember to stay safe!

Also, make sure to stay tuned for the run up to Halloween as we’ve tested out a few recipes with pumpkins and butternut squash which where delicious, as well as some Halloween treats!

Love S x

Ever cloud has a silver lining.


Simple Changes For A Healthier Lifestyle

Over the past few years we have definitely noticed a changed in peoples mindset towards healthy and fitness with more people than ever influenced by this and trying to change up their lifestyle to have the washboards abs and lean legs they see constantly scrolling down their Instagram feeds. But the cold hard truth is, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we can find it hard to resist the temptation of eating the last chocolate biscuit or avoiding the bread on the dinner table. But to create a healthier lifestyle you can stick to, we thought we would share a few of our favourite tips.wp-1476559195695.jpg

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